THT-APS Arc Integrated Protection System
  THT-APS Arc Integrated Protection System is researched and developed by our company as the new generation of integrated protection system of arc light with international advanced level, which is on the basis that the company invites domestic and overseas arc light protection experts, absorbs foreign advanced arc light protection concept, as well as combine actual operation of Chinese electric system. The system can conduct the real-time monitoring, immediately cut off fault current, prevent medium and low voltage switchgear from damaging, protect the main transformer, and prevent plant equipment from damaging due to short-circuit current rush; prevent short-circuit current wave and station direct current system to avoid huge economic losses and reduce the power failure range; prevent feeder fault becoming bus fault, substantially improving the reliability of the system operation and reducing the maintenance cost.
  THT-APS Type Integrated Arc Light Protection System consists of main control unit, arc light sensor and optical.

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