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Tianwei Hengtong PengLai leisure vacation trip in 2015
Author:  Source: http://www.kauilefjtnd.com/gsxw/n641.html   Time:2015-07-02

Hengtong people said goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city on 25th June,2015, with joyful mood ,leaving to the heavenly Penglai. When we arrived there, a soft breeze stroke our temples and made us relax and happy.

At the beginning of the tourist, we firstly visited Penglai Pavilion which is one of the four famous pavilions in China. The spectacular ancient architecture group fixed our eyes on there. After listening to the history story about Qin Shihuang visited fairy to seek medicine and the eight immortals crossed the sea, evoked us infinite imagine for Penglai fairyland.

When we got the bathing beach, all of us be shocked by the magnificent scene of the sea. The blue sea with rolling waves, the waves beat the reef of the shore, the sea melted into the sky looked from a long distance. Everyone cheered into the arms of the sea, having fun in it. As if the cheerful laughter sent us back to the childhood of innocence, we enjoyed the happiness and joy in the blue sea and sky .

After enjoy of the sea, we took the ferry to the Changdao. The bow of sea spray, singing songs of joy, seagull danced for us. The natural scenery in Changdao and Jiuzhang Cliff geological park integrates bay, reefs, sea cliff, holes, monuments all in one place, combines strange, majesty, pretty, beauty, danger, fascination and charm in there .The largest pebbles base in China--Banyue Bay. Colourful pebbles were collected by us, Strange Reef --Mazu Stone and Wangfu Reef made us feel the pursuit and anticipation of life from Changdao people.

With happy memories, hengtong people stepped on the way home on 28th June.”Happy Work, Happy Life” culture idea leads the hengtong people optimistic and cheerful attitude toward life. Hengtong people will tidy up the mood, go on and make unremitting efforts for the development of the power system.