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Provincial/City leaders visited Tianwei Hengtong
Author:  Source: http://www.kauilefjtnd.com/gsxw/n643.html   Time:2015-04-28

Deputy Director of Hebei Development and Reform Commission Mao Yushang,, Hi-tech Division Chief of Hebei Development and Reform Commission Yao Cuirong,, Director of Baoding Development and Reform Commission Zhang Lijuan, and Liu Hexiang, Director of Baoding High-tech Zone Economic  Development Bureau Liu Hexiang, visited Tianwei Hengtong which is  a benchmark of this industry during the research of new energy and smart grid on April 21st, 2015.

The leaders visited Tianwei Hengtong Industry Park accompanied by Chairman of Tianwei Hengtong Liuhong,. Chairman Liuhong made a detailed introduction for company scale, products working principle and technical characteristics. The visiting leaders focused on the development situation, future development and practical difficulties of Tianwei Hengtong. Then both sides made a thorough communication and widely discussion in the market situation  and development trend of new energy and smart grid.

The visiting leaders highly appreciate the development strategy that create the first brand of neutral grounding equipment in China by taking intelligent  and specialization as breakpoint, and expressed best wishes for the development of company in the future.