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Tianwei Hengtong joined the ITER Program successfully,and help to deal with the energy issue in the future
Author:  Source: http://www.kauilefjtnd.com/gsxw/n645.html   Time:2015-05-22

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (hereinafter referred to as: the ITER) Program is one of the largest and the most far-reaching international scientific research cooperation Programs,and it is an international science and engineering program that only second to the international space station in the world. Since China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center

signed the PPEN Procurement Arrangements, it marked China entirely starting the supply work of electrical equipments for ITER.

Through strict selects and inspection, Tianwei Hengtong fought off stiff competition by superior quality, steady performance, monopoly technology advantages and excellent achievements in nuclear power, and signed the official contract to joined the ITER Program. We will supply the 66 kV Neutral Grounding Resistor Cabinet, 22 KV Neutral Grounding Resistor Cabinet , Grounding Transformer Cabinet and so on.

Tianwei Hengtong broke the dependence on the import of resistors used in Nuclear power in 2008, opened the resistors localization history and realized the speedy market extending. Meanwhile, Tianwei Hengtong established pioneering advantages and monopoly positions in nuclear power industry. Tianwei Hengtong will be adhering to the core values of " Tianwei Hengtong will be adhering to the core values of "serve customers and the society with the best products, leading service, excellent enterprise image" and excellent complete ITER tasks . At the same time , we will make contribution as much as we can to deal with energy issues, environments of human beings , and promote sustainable development of human society.