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[ Domestic performance ]

Products of the company have been widely applied to power plants in the whole country and urban distribution network, exported to many countries. Sales have increased at a rate of 30% a year. Sale of series of products of neutral ranks top in the industry, among which, occupancy of thermal power market is in the leading position of the market, and nuclear power is in monopoly position.    

The company has cooperation with 6 national design institutes, provincial design institutes and local famous design institutes in northeast, northwest, North China, middle south, southwest, and East China, as well as keeps cooperation with Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian, China Power Investment, STATE DEVELOPMENT & INVESTMENT CORP., which symbolizes that the company is mature in the industry and accepted. Responding to the call of national policy, the company takes active part in developing new energy market, such as nuclear power, wind power, Hydropower and photovoltaic, at the same time expanding coal, chemicals, pharmacy, communication, rail transport and aerospace, reaching the comprehensive and immediate covering of market network.

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[International performance]  
The company independently opens up developing countries, such as South Africa and Indonesia, and market of developed countries, such as Europe and America, takes active part in developing foreign agents and office. The property of product is stable, so they are appreciated by foreign people.
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